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It can help us route sound from one app to another on Mac. It is easy to use, best of all, it is free.

follow url You can follow these steps to download and install Soundflower on Mac. Open Launchpad on Mac, find and launch Audacity from there.

How to Record Radio Shows with Audacity

Choose Soundflower 2ch as the recording device in Audacity. Open your web browser, find and play the internet radio you like to record, use Audacity to record sound just like you record regular audio files through microphone. As we mentioned above, Audacity is also a powerful audio editor.

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Once the recording of internet radio is complete, you can use Audacity to edit the recorded audio before or after exporting it to your Mac computer. Your email address will not be published.

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Skip to content Audacity is a free and open source audio recorder and editor. It has the disadvantage that the audio signal is converted from digital to analog, then from analog to digital, instead of staying in the digital domain. This may result in some slight increase in noise and distortion. All system alert sounds such as email and application alerts will be recorded using this method.

If you have iCal alerts or have turned on event sounds in Mail, you may want to turn them off. You should also quit any application that may make an alert sound while you are recording.

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Alternatively there are software applications which can record computer playback to a file that is importable into Audacity, or that can provide an additional audio device from which Audacity can record computer playback. See this page in the Audacity Wiki for details.

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