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The service will examine 36 of the well-known ports to see whether they are accessible from the internet and whether a service is running on each of them. A shorter scan will check just 13 of those ports. The results of the scan are shown in a table on the web page. In many instances, it is necessary to keep these essential ports open. However, in other cases, you will be able to close them down with your firewall.

These are email protocols and only apply if you run an email agent on your computer. This free online port checker lets you choose which ports to scan. You need to enter your IP address and then list the ports that you want checked. Each run of the scanner can only cope with 10 ports at a time. The results of the scan are shown in a table with the status of each port and its regular service listed alongside. The Web Tools Hub includes a long list of useful tools for online activities.

In this free online tool , you enter an IP address and a range of ports to check. This would be a lot more useful for getting through all of the ports on your computer because there is no limit on the number of ports you can scan in one go. However, the website text warns a port number range that exceeds will take a very long time, and a large range will start a search that may never end. So, you will still need to run your full scan in segments. Despite this warning, I ran a search on ports 21 through The results came back in less than a minute. Unfortunately, the system only reported on one of the four open ports that Nmap spotted.

However, that may be because IP Fingerprints operates from the internet and Nmap works on the computer, behind the firewall. This scanner claims to be able to see around firewalls. The Normal scan will check which ports are visible from the outside world and which are covered by the firewall. SYN and connect methods are particularly interesting because these are the avenues that hackers like to use in order to detect for services. The website claims that these can get around a firewall.

You need to download a program to run Free Port Scanner 3. It is available from Major Geeks and it runs on Windows. The creators of this program, Nsasoft, make no mention of the utility on their own website, so the only place you can get it is through third-party software download sites.

The file that you download is an installer and it will also create an icon for the tool on your Desktop. This utility allows you to scan ranges of ports, so you can get through the full list of port numbers in one run if you have time on your hands. The interface detects your IP address when it launches and a selected list of ports to look at is also provided by default.

The scan takes a long time to perform if you request a wide range of port numbers. It is also very slow if you want to test the ports on another device, such as your wifi router. So, if you ever wanted to scan all of the ports on your router, you would probably have to leave the program running all day. If you connect to the internet through a wifi router, then you must enter your network IP address to scan your computer.

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You can scan the ports on your router by giving Free Port Scanner the public IP address that identifies you on the internet. You can elect to show closed ports as well as open ones. There is no documentation with the tool and so there is no way of knowing which test method the utility uses. Free Port Scanner 3. The Port Checker 1. You need to be careful about downloading free utilities because they can sometimes be used as a front for a Trojan. Softpedia checks all of the code of the programs that it puts on its site, so you can have confidence that you are not downloading a virus.

This free tool runs on Windows. There is no installer file for this tool: you just download a zip file with the executable in it. Extract the program and double click on the file to run it. The program is very small and it can even be stored on and run from a USB stick. The interface is very basic and easy to use. Just enter an IP address and select a port number from a drop-down list.

If you have a wifi router, enter your network IP address to check ports on your computer and your internet IP address to get a report on a router port. What is my IP? The website has a number of other tools, including a port scanner. This free online port checker has a number of useful features. First of all, it is fast: results for multiple port numbers come back within seconds.

What is My IP has come up with a very nice free utility that gives you the opportunity to check a single IP address, but it has a unique option that no one else in the market seems to have thought of. It offers scans on themes of ports and services. TCPView is available as a free program to download onto Windows. This port scanner takes a different perspective from all the other programs in this list.

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Rather than looking at the ports and then checking whether a service is active on each, this system looks at all of the processes running on the computer, lists those associated with ports, and lists the port number. This approach gets you a lot more details than the external scan.

TCPView includes processes listening at ports and the display is refreshed every second. You can slow down this snapshot rate and lengthen the interval to 2 seconds or 5 seconds.

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When new processes are encountered, they go into the list in a green-colored record. Processes that end stay in the list briefly with a red-colored record. Processes with changed statuses are colored yellow.

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The display also shows the number of packets and the quantity of bytes of data sent and received on each port. The Spiceworks IP Scanner has two elements. The dashboard for the tool is online, but you need to install a small monitoring program onto your computer to get it working. The agent on your computer sends gathered data to the cloud server. All communications between the agent and the server are encrypted and you need to sign up and create a user account in order to log in and see your scan results. Once you have installed the program and created your account, you log into the dashboard through a browser.

The system cannot be accessed through a Safari browser. The IP scanner will search your network and discover all of the devices connected to it. For each device, it will report the MAC address, see the IP address, the hostname, the manufacturer, the operating system, and a list of open ports.

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This is a free online tool and it can be accessed from any operating system without having to install software. The Port Scanner checks the status of a number of the ports on the computer for which you enter the IP address. As you can see from our list of recommended port scanners, half of them do not need to be installed on your computer because they are available on websites.