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Hey everybody, it's just been a week since the last release of NE 2. Apart from fixing the major visual bug, this version also adds a new voice set for Polish and some new graphics for Americans, which you can see here: Installation requirements: Nov 14 News 7 comments Today should be a good day for everybody, because today is the release for NE 2.

Oct 8 News 4 comments Hey everybody! RSS Files. NE AI Hotfix 2. This demo version allows you to play three.

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Guest Mar 22 Never. Implaler Sep 24 Yeah turns out they had an ugly falling out with the people they where making the new site with. Damn depressing story.

But at least the fact that the old site is back is a bit of positive news. BG-Rampo Sep 8 Ahh, i forgot, In some sea maps, like Carolina, there's a home city navy point which receive ships from HC Cards, like fishing ship, caravel, galleon, Post a comment.

Sign in or join with: Follow Report Profile. The Asian Dynasties. Developer Napoleonic Era Team. Contact Send Message. Homepage Ne. Release date Released Mod watch Follow. Community Rating. Average 9. Jan 18 by Microsoftman Genre Real Time Strategy. Theme Realism. How do I take and upload a screenshot here?

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Take a screenshot by pressing the Prt Scr key on your keyboard, which copies the screenshot to your clipboard. Then open paint and paste the screenshot and crop it if you like. Save to your desktop. I recommend uploading to Imgur and then post a link here to the image. Did you write this or was this copied from somewhere? You will probably be getting a lot of thanks for this. I wrote most of it, but a few parts are from other places, some just in ideas but rewritten, one or two spots I copied and pasted directly from other FAQs.

Very good and importand topic, thanks. There are two versions of the Rotator, one for a mouse with a scroll wheel and one for mouse without a scroll wheel. Good to have you back Metis. But you seriously need to choose an avatar dude. You just look so typical without it. Thanks, metis, I was considering adding a section about the building rotator, but got tired of writing, haha.

I'll edit that into the post and credit you as I would expect many people won't read the whole thread, just the main post. A configuration file, named USER.

CFG may be used to set certain game parameters outside the game. This file is useful when you might have inadvertently set a graphics resolution that is incompatible with your system, if you want to speed loading of the game, lessen lag, or attempt to fix failure to join issues among other things.

Ports used by the game are There are many more commands that can be placed in the user. Search the fan sites for more information.

NE 2.1.7b for Mac file - Napoleonic Era mod for Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

If you are installing from the CDs, and encounter an error, you might wish to search these articles for official information. Note that Installing the game through Steam has several benefits, one of which is that it has been scripted to install properly under Windows 7 and 8. Error message when you install a Microsoft game or mapping program. First, go into your firewall and make sure that the game and all its expansions are on the exception list. If you are using a third-party firewall like ZoneAlarm, you must give the game both server and access rights. Now access your router's setup page.

The exact location will vary among brands and software but look for a "gaming mode" or a page that has pre-configured protocols. If a protocol is not present then you may have to forward ports to your gaming PC manually. The ports used by the game are in the range of UDP and TCP you can expand this to too if you need to. If your gaming PC is assigned a dynamic internal address then you will have to either assign it a static one and forward to that, or forward to the range of addresses commonly assigned by your router.

On my personal system, I assign my gaming PC the static internal address To check your internal address, open an elevated command prompt by either going to Start, typing "cmd" then right-clicking it, selecting "Run as Administrator" or, with Win 8, right clicking the far lower left of the screen and choosing the menu option. Then enter the command: If all else fails, set DMZ on. However, you should set this off after a gaming session as it can leave a security hole in your system. Sometimes it seems that there is simply nothing you can do that will allow you access to other player's games.

To paraphrase a former moderator, "If you have a super-secure operating system with all security levels set to high and a super-secure firewall and anti-malware program also set to their highest settings, then nobody is going to be able to join your games. It's also somewhat ironic that the better and more configurable your router is the more likely it will be that you may experience fail to join issues. Sometimes the best thing to do if you want to game is to purchase a "family friendly" router brand like a Netgear home system.

Neverseparat's Fail to Join thread on Agecomm. Netgear port-forwarding page.

D-Link port-forwarding page. Linksys port-forwarding page. Age of Empires III: Hardware does not pass system check.

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Troubleshoot display issues with Microsoft games. Metis I have no idea why you are making such a big deal about the building rotator mod. This is not even best practice, in general user-made console code should be run from the user. How to get the so-called building rotator mod by copying and pasting just one line of code: Step Two: Step Three: If you have never modded your game, the folder should be empty.

If you have, there might be a file there called "user.